From October 28th to November 1st, the halls of the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre, a twenty-minute walk from the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, will be filled with intoxicating aromas and irresistibly tempting treats. It’s the 26th edition of the Salon du Chocolat, an international event that brings together professionals, gourmets and chocoholics from around the world!


Enter the world of chocolate

Of course, the Salon du Chocolat places great emphasis on artisan chocolatiers and pâtissiers presenting their most seductive creations, from bars of the most luxuriously sumptuous chocolate to the most refined gâteaux creations. But you can also admire magnificent chocolate sculptures and attend a fashion parade of chocolate couture. Draperies, flowers, lace, silky effects; chocolate is a medium for creativity. So much so that you could almost forget that it can be eaten, too! You will also learn a lot about chocolate culture and cocoa beans and how they are turned into one of the world’s most popular treats.


Your Salon du Chocolat

In addition to tasting, this trade fair also invites you to participate in other ways, thanks to various workshops. Chefs will share their secrets with you, and you can watch as experienced pâtissiers compete to create an exceptional Tea-Time or even win the Trophée de la Pâtisserie. During all this, your children will be immersed in the world of chocolate in a special junior area.

Prepare your taste buds for the delights of the holiday season with a visit to the Salon du Chocolat this autumn. Book your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet today.



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