For a successful festive season in Paris, you need Christmas markets, a Ferris wheel, wonderful Yuletide department store windows, gorgeously illuminated avenues, snack breaks so you can warm up and ... ice-skating sessions at the Grand Palais. Over the last four years this exceptional building dedicated to art and exhibitions has hosted the largest pop-up indoor ice rink in the world. So, strap on your skates and let’s go!


The Grand Palais ice rink; a gorgeous setting for skating

A marvel of Art Nouveau design and the triumphant architecture of the early 20th century, the Grand Palais continues to fascinate as much as ever, with its intricate iron framework and its huge, curvaceous glass roof enabling vast luminous spaces beneath. It’s the ideal place for a 2,700 m² ice rink. As you glide by, you can appreciate the many lovely details of this wonderful example of the golden age of Parisian architecture.


A truly pleasurable experience

Everything is designed for a great time. You’ll find on-site skate rental stands ready to ensure you’re fully equipped. Snack and hot drink stands, as well as quality pop-up restaurants, are set up next to the ice so you can recharge your batteries and get warm. Finally, night owls can carry on skating until two in the morning as a light show and party music plunge them into a festive whirlwind... Tickets are now available to buy online so you can come and skate between December 16th, 2018 and January 9th, 2019.

The Grand Palais ice rink offers great fun for families or couples. After your session on the ice, it will be time to return contentedly to the comfort and the peaceful atmosphere of your Hotel Eiffel Blomet, just on the other side of the Seine. A haven of serenity after the excitement of the Grand Palais!



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