What if you were to enjoy a romantic holiday in Paris?  It’s Valentine’s day all year round at the Eiffel Blomet ! Make yourself at home in one of our delightful rooms in the heart of the 15th arrondissement and take advantage of our Romance offer.

An irresistible offer

Our Romance offer is first and foremost a floral one. It enchants the eyes and the sense of smell and brings you, as you step through the door of your room, an intimate and warm ambience that will set the tone for your stay. Rose petals adorn your bed. Petals forming a heart, of course! Once the eyes and nose are satisfied, it’s time to enchant the taste buds! It is with great pleasure that we offer you a bottle of Champagne, to enjoy together and at your leisure. Other treats (fruit, chocolates...) will be brought to you on request, so that this perfect day... is even more so!


Love in Paris

It’s an obvious choice. After all, this is the world’s most romantic city. Wander, hands entwined, following the banks of the Seine. Lose yourselves in the shopping streets of the 15th arrondissement and stroll through the charming flea markets of the Porte de Vanves. Enjoy an intimate dinner for two in one of the welcoming little restaurants of the 14th arrondissement. Then finish the evening with a glass of Champagne. Gazing out of the window of your room, softly illuminated by the lights of the Eiffel Tower, you can drink to a love that will be eternal. To your love.