The Petite Ceinture (Little Belt) is an abandoned circular railway route in Paris. Built in the mid-19th century to link major railway stations, part of it was still operating until 1990. For 15 years, Parisians have reclaimed this space and it’s great for walking and exploring. Discover its vitality and surprises during your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet!


Discover the Petite Ceinture

More than 6 km of former railway line have been laid out for leisure in the heart of Paris. You can enjoy this green space at your own pace, walking, cycling or simply admiring the fauna and flora. It also offers great stopovers such as the old railway station which has become the Hasard Ludique. This hybrid place hosts a restaurant, workshops and concerts.


Fun all summer long

There’s plenty of entertainment along the Petite Ceinture. Let’s start with the Open Air du Chance Ludique. Following a festive Bastille Day, they’re holding celebrations on August 29th and September 19th, featuring outdoor concerts, a huge dance floor and a giant BBQ. Also check out TLM, a former warehouse that has now gained a second life focussed on fashion, culture and sustainable food. And for documentary enthusiasts, Gare aux Docs offers outdoor screenings on the rails!


A place of relaxation, nature, creation and conviviality, the Petite Ceinture invites you to see what it has to offer. Ask the Hotel Eiffel Blomet team for advice on how to make the most of it during your stay in Paris... 


Photo: Clement Dorval

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