For more than fifteen years, on the first Saturday of October, Paris has shown a different aspect of herself for the occasion of the Nuit Blanche (White Night). This annual night-time arts festival attracts nearly a million people and offers a fresh perspective on the city, its monuments and contemporary artistic production. Don’t miss the 2018 edition!


The constellations of the White Night

Once again, this year, the White Night has been conceived as a series of initiatory journeys that lead from sites to monuments and allow participants to discover the creations of inspired visual artists. The 2018 edition is divided into four ‘constellations’ that start from places as varied as the Invalides, Porte Dorée, Villette and Ile Saint-Louis. Brimming with concerts, choreography, projections and more, these itineraries offer a totally new vision of Paris. The ephemeral nature of the event simply adds to the magic and excitement of the phenomenon known as White Night.


Your Parisian White Night

This free cultural celebration does not require a fixed or precise programme or a reservation. It invites you to wander at your own pace and according to your own whims. Book your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet now, and start to imagine what your journey will be like. The starting point of the Invalides constellation, for example, is very close to our hotel and will allow you a convenient start or finish to your White Night. You will find all the essential information on the event website and on the website of the City of Paris. Of course, you might prefer to simply let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment...


The White Night is both an encounter with the cutting edge of contemporary art and with the city, its aesthetics, its perspectives, and its hidden history. Embark upon your White Night 2018 from the Hotel Eiffel Blomet.


Photo credit : Vincent Desjardins