This is it! The Grands Magasins department stores have donned their festive finery to get you in the mood for Christmas and offer a magical seasonal shopping experience. Take advantage of your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet and discover all these wonders…


Each store has its own style

Each year, the Grands Magasins redouble their efforts and give full rein to their creativity to offer resplendent, poetic, magical window displays embodying themes either traditional or utterly innovative, or even a combination of both. Le Bon Marché, fifteen minutes by Metro from your Hotel Eiffel Blomet becomes a biscuit tin full of little gingerbread men and barley sugar. Just across the Seine, La Samaritaine has chosen the theme of formal Parisian gardens to create elegant and enchanting window displays.


The mountain and the toys

When you reach BHV Marais, it will be like leaving France and going to Switzerland! Cute marmots, cheese tasting, and an immersive experience will make you feel like you are in the midst of the mountains. If you prefer a more traditional feel, head to Printemps Haussmann, where you’ll find a snowstorm has devastated Santa's workshop! Along the avenue at the Galeries Lafayette you’ll find 1,2,3, Noël!, a Christmas display in eleven tableaux that shows us how toys get ready for a party.

Treat yourself to an enchanting walk in Paris via the animated window displays of the Grands Magasins. It will also be an opportunity to do your Christmas shopping in boutiques that set the tone for fashion and design.



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