Immerse yourself in an artistic and cultural journey in the heart of Paris with Hotel Eiffel Blomet on the occasion of the "Le Paris de la Modernité" exhibition at the Petit Palais.

An Unmissable Exhibition

Until April 15th, the "Le Paris de la Modernité" exhibition at the Petit Palais offers a fascinating immersion into the world of Art Deco, highlighting works by iconic artists such as Robert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay. This major cultural event reveals the multiple facets of Parisian modernity from the early 20th century, offering an artistic experience rich in colors and innovations.

The Perfect Hotel to Enjoy It

On this occasion, Hotel Eiffel Blomet emerges as the ideal place to extend this immersion into art and history. Located near the Petit Palais, in the historic Montparnasse district, the establishment embodies the elegance and refinement of Art Deco, with its architecture inspired by the 1930s and its meticulous decoration.

The works of Robert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay find a particular echo at Hotel Eiffel Blomet, where subtle artistic touches reminiscent of the style of both artists can be admired. The hotel's common areas, such as the lounge and bar, are conducive to relaxation and art appreciation, offering a warm and intimate atmosphere.

By staying at Hotel Eiffel Blomet, exhibition visitors can extend their cultural experience by exploring the lively streets of Montparnasse, where Parisian artistic history resonates at every corner.


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