From November 13th, Disneyland Paris will sweep you up in a whirlwind of spectacle, colourful costumes, decorations and entertainment, not to mention the famous Christmas parade. Take advantage of a stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet to discover the magic of Disney.


The whole Disney universe

Disneyland Paris offers a standing invitation to dive into the world of Disney. Every detail, every scene, every attraction is designed so that you can rediscover the charm and beauty of the characters and stories of Walt Disney. From Cinderella to Captain Hook, from Tinker Bell to Aladdin, you can meet them all during your stroll around the theme park. And at Christmas time, an additional layer of stardust is sprinkled over everything. Thousands of decorated trees, illuminations, characters in festive costumes; it’s all utterly enchanting ...


Disneyland Paris at Christmas

Although Disney is aimed primarily at children, adults get caught up in the fun just as quickly. You can get back in touch with your inner child by attending the great Christmas parade. Its play of light, its dozens of extras, its decorated floats and of course, Santa Claus, spin a web of enchantment and immerse you in a magical world. To make the most of it all, remember to book your tickets in advance on the park website and consult the program of attractions.

Stepping into the Disney universe always means having a great time, but during the festive season, from November 13th to January 9th, it becomes even more wonderful.



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