The Hotel Eiffel Blomet is constantly innovating in an effort to make the hospitality experience we provide even better. In recent weeks, we have equipped all our rooms with Chromecast. Fancy a movie night or a good look at the photos you took during your day in Paris? Chromecast allows you to enjoy it all on the flat screen in your room…


Chromecast: how does it work?

Chromecast makes it possible to bridge between a television and any multimedia device. This device placed on the TV in your room can be linked via Wi-Fi to all your connected devices: PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. There is no application to install or program to download. Once your device and the screen is on, all you need to do is select Chromecast as the source on the TV and click the Chromecast icon on your device.


Your content goes everywhere with you

Why use Chromecast? Even though you’re enjoying your holiday in Paris, you might find you can't resist the lure of your favourite shows. No worries. You connect as usual to your platform of choice: Netflix, Disney, Amazon... and activate the Chromecast. You can watch your program on the flat screen in your room. Of course, the security of your device is fully ensured, and your personalised access is in no way exposed.


Chromecast lets you take your favourite platforms with you anywhere and watch them on a TV screen. Take advantage of this service. It’s in all the rooms of the Hotel Eiffel Blomet!


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