The team at the Eiffel Blomet Hotel enjoys showcasing the warm and unique character of its neighborhood. Proud of its history, the neighborhood now boasts numerous merchants and artisans. Today, we will highlight one of our particularly appreciated neighbors: the Moment Divin wine cellar.


Passion and Hospitality

At the helm of this welcoming place, Thomas and Vincent open the doors to their magnificent collection of bottles. With an impressive selection, they allow you to both rediscover appellations you appreciate and taste wines from producers and more confidential terroirs. Whether for a special occasion or a daily pleasure, they always provide excellent advice. Additionally, you will also discover treasures of delicacies, including charcuterie, cured meats, and cheeses, essential for any moment of sharing.


Great Moments of Conviviality

The Moment Divin wine cellar is also a tasting venue. The team regularly organizes events, and you can reserve your tasting aperitif, initiation tasting, and prestige tasting. Trained as an oenologist, Thomas will guide you with a smile and a lot of passion. Comfortably seated around the large wooden table, with generous plates in front of you, perfect your tasting techniques and experience great moments of pleasure.


The neighborhood of the Eiffel Blomet Hotel is building its personality day by day, thanks to local merchants like Thomas and Vincent from the Moment Divin wine cellar. Meet them during your stay in Paris!


Moment Divin wine cellar here

Photo : Moment Divin

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