After a day of business, cultural tours, city walks or shopping, what a pleasure it is to lie in the heat of the hammam, enjoy a relaxing massage, or take a dip in the inviting turquoise pool that the Hotel Eiffel Blomet is delighted to provide for your use.

Immerse yourself in a world of wellness

Installed under the hotel's inner courtyard, lit by the daylight gleaming through the large expanses of glass that form the ceiling skylights, our swimming pool offers a haven of peace. You can engage in some relaxing yet beneficial lengths or simply lie floating in the water to better enjoy the serenity of the place. Unless, of course, you're tempted to try a few exercises in our fitness room, where you'll find various items of gym equipment, including treadmills and bicycles.

It’s so good!

Detoxifying and wonderfully relaxing, the sauna adjoins the pool. Into this hushed world is added the moist heat that reinvigorates and is so beneficial. Those who appreciate the pleasure of the hammam will find fulfilment and, to add to the pleasure, our team of qualified beauticians is at your disposal (by appointment) for massages. Here you’ll find ointments formulated for relaxation, essential oils with floral fragrances that soothe and invigorate. You will delight in rare and precious bliss as we take care of you.