About twenty minutes on foot from your Hotel Eiffel Blomet you’ll find an enchanting place where you can taste the Christmas specialties of our nation’s regions and get into the Christmas spirit. The Champs de Mars Christmas Village offers you a gourmet getaway in the land of Father Christmas ...


A Christmas market of distinction

In recent years, the Champs de Mars Christmas Village has gradually established itself as one of the favourite Christmas markets of Parisians. The reasons for this are obvious. It occupies an exceptional setting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and has an exquisite and heart-warming appearance when ablaze with a thousand lights. What’s more, it is almost exclusively dedicated to stalls selling fine foodstuffs for the discerning gourmet, especially the various regional specialties from around our nation. From food trucks to picturesque chalet stalls, you can discover and taste Corsican, Alsatian, Savoyard or even Southwestern produce.


Enjoy the Christmas Village

Perfect for a gourmet break and a magical stroll in a festive atmosphere, the Christmas Village is also a good place to assemble the festive foodstuffs for your Yuletide table. Local produce and original ideas mean you can have a change from the usual. And to best enjoy all the beauty of this Christmas Village, just cross the Seine and admire its illuminations from the terraces of the Trocadéro!

Friendly and welcoming, the Parisian Christmas Markets are the perfect complement to festive shopping in the Grands Magasins department stores. Discover them during your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet!



Photo : Jean-Pierre Dalbéra © - Flickr

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