The Galerie Montparnasse, not far from the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, is offering a new kind of experience from February 3rd, 2024. With Tutankhamun, the Pharaonic Immersive Experience, you can relive the excitement of the discovery of the tomb of the boy pharaoh and immerse yourself in the art of ancient Egypt…


A fun adventure

You enter the Galerie Montparnasse and are drawn into Howard Carter's tent in the Valley of the Kings, 1922. You are on the eve of a major discovery, but you still have to find your way to the treasure room and burial chamber of the pharaoh. Faced with enigmas, plans, and artifacts, you must solve the mystery through the 3,000 m² of exhibition space and finally enter near the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun. A spectacular light projection of over 200 m² awaits you there.


An exhibition to experience

Beyond the fun, this new kind of exhibition invites you to discover a wealth of objects taken from the tomb of Tutankhamun. These are exact replicas crafted by the teams of the Cairo Museum and give a very precise idea of the magnificence of the treasure discovered. The entire historical and scientific framework of the exhibition was built in collaboration with a professional Egyptologist who teaches at the Ecole du Louvre and is accustomed to archaeological excavations in Egypt. Thus, Tutankhamun, the Pharaonic Immersive Experience perfectly combines entertainment and education.


Egypt, and more particularly Tutankhamun, continue to fascinate. Come experience all the excitement of this major 20thcentury discovery at the Galerie Montparnasse during your stay at the Hôtel Eiffel Blomet!


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Photo : JeanLuc


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