There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer after a day spent exploring Paris. To help you discover new flavours, the Hotel Eiffel Blomet has set up a partnership with the La Parisienne brand of beer, brewed just a stone's throw from the capital.


La Parisienne beer; a 100% artisanal recipe

Only a few years ago, the beer landscape in France was dismayingly uniform. However, thanks to the advent of various small independent breweries, new horizons have opened up to the nation’s beer lovers. It was as a result of discovering the incredible diversity of Belgian and American beers that Jean Barthélémy Chancel decided to start manufacturing and distributing high quality local craft beer made entirely in a traditional way. Initially established in the Butte aux Cailles hilltop neighbourhood, La Parisienne now works its microbrewery magic in Pantin, in the north-eastern suburbs of the capital.


A passion for taste... and experimentation

La Parisienne designs all kinds of beers. Rich in flavours, they are brewed with love and passion from rigorously selected ingredients, much of which are sourced locally. The Hotel Eiffel Blomet offers some of these creations in its Honesty Bar and you are invited to sample them whenever you wish. We warmly recommend the pleasantly aromatic and smooth and flavoursome pale ale and IPA beer made by La Parisienne.



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