A veritable floating palace that was sunk by an iceberg during its maiden voyage, the Titanic continues to fascinate due to its tragic destiny but also because of the wealth of luxury and technical innovations that this magnificent passenger liner boasted. Enjoy an extraordinary experience by visiting Titanic - the Exhibition, at the Paris Expo until October 1st, 2023. Take advantage of your stay at the Hôtel Eiffel Blomet to discover it.


The Titanic as if you were there

With over 2,000 m² of display space, Titanic - the Exhibition allows you to appreciate the luxury of a ship that was at the forefront of technology and refinement in its day. The full-scale reproduction of the large wooden staircase is particularly impressive. You can also see the setting of one of the most famous images from James Cameron's film, Titanic.


Numerous artifacts and testimonies

Titanic - the Exhibition is a deeply moving experience. It presents 260 authentic artifacts retrieved by the various expeditions to the wreck. These are accompanied by numerous testimonies from survivors who recall the terrible nature of the disaster. The reproductions of the cabins allow you to imagine yourself on board the doomed ship, picture what life was like for its passengers, and perhaps even gain some inkling of the last moments of a tragedy that still resounds today.


Fifteen minutes by public transport from the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, Titanic - the Exhibition takes you into the past to learn about a maritime disaster that still horrifies and fascinates. Don’t miss it!


Photo : nyiragongo

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