Start each day with delight at the Eiffel Blomet Hotel and the Frédéric Comyn Bakery-Pastry for delicious breakfasts. Also discover the best bakeries in the neighborhood and immerse yourself in the gourmet ambiance of Parisian life from the morning.

Awaken Your Taste Buds: The Prestige Breakfast at the Eiffel Blomet Hotel

Every morning at the Eiffel Blomet Hotel, begin your day by savoring an exceptional breakfast. From 7 am to 11 am, indulge in our generous morning buffet. You will find bread from our partner, the Frédéric Comyn Bakery-Pastry, which offers a tempting selection of freshly baked pastries, seasonal fresh fruits, and sweet delights. For savory lovers, a variety of dishes awaits you as well. Complement your breakfast with a hot drink, whether it’s a cup of coffee or tea, or a cold drink with delicious fruit juice. Experience an unforgettable culinary morning at the Eiffel Blomet Hotel.

The Best Bakeries in the Neighborhood

Near the Eiffel Blomet Hotel, sweet treat enthusiasts will also find happiness among the best bakeries. We invite you to discover three must-visit addresses in the neighborhood, all within walking distance from the hotel. The Boulangerie Pâtisserie L’Equilibre captivates with its authentic craftsmanship, offering crispy baguettes and exquisite pastries. The Boulangerie des Enracinés delights with its breads and traditional recipes. Finally, the renowned Boulangerie Antoine is known for its flavorful breads and soft pastries.

During your stay at the Eiffel Blomet Hotel, discover the magic of breakfast, whether enjoying our buffet or exploring the best bakeries in the neighborhood. Awaken your senses and experience unforgettable gourmet moments in the heart of Paris.


Hotel Eiffel Blomet, a 4-star hotel in the heart of the 15th arrondissement