It was a no-brainer! The association between the legendary jazz cabaret venue called the Bal Blomet and our establishment, the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, is a natural one as we cultivate the same spirit and the same passion for the era of the 30s and Art Deco as we do for contemporary creation.


A true synergy with the Bal Blomet

The Bal Blomet is the oldest jazz club in Europe, having been around since 1924. Like the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, it has undergone a transformation that has modernised it with an elegant designer touch that only adds to its charm. This partnership was born from our desire to introduce our guests to this authentic and intimate place, a very special live music venue offering a programme of performances that is sharp and eclectic.


An evening at the Bal Blomet

Thanks to our partnership you can benefit from preferential rates on the different shows presented by the Bal Blomet. Discover the wonderful atmosphere of this 250-seat venue and its décor evoking both the New York speakeasies of yesteryear and the jazz clubs of the great days of Montparnasse. The bar welcomes you during the performances and you can dine before or after each show. Classical music, dance shows, but especially jazz await you at this legendary club!

The Montparnasse district was one of the centres of artistic creation in the first half of the 20th century. Our Hotel Eiffel Blomet, just like the Bal Blomet, seeks to preserve this spirit and bring it up to date.


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