We miss you and look forward to once again sharing Parisian experiences as we love them; elegant, friendly, and with a touch of the unexpected. That's why we’re offering you another way of exploring Paris!


The must-sees on a virtual tour

Imagine exploring the galleries of the Louvre without all the walking, while getting as close as you wish to the exhibits. That’s what you get with virtual tours of the Louvre. They’re divided into several themes, including the intriguing Founding Myths: From Hercules to Darth Vader. Then, you can leave the Louvre and within seconds climb effortlessly to the top of the city’s most famous monument, the Eiffel Tower. Easy and fun! Or take virtual visits to the Sainte-Chapelle, Musée de l'Orangerie (the home of Monet's Water Lilies murals) and the Louis Vuitton Foundation.


Unexpected virtual tours

Need an expert to show you around? Discover the live virtual tours offered by Elisa Jehanno, guide-lecturer. She will take you to the Palais Garnier, Orsay Museum, Palace of Versailles and other key locations. Benefit from Elisa’s commentary and insights and ask her questions during a fully interactive personalised experience. Just choose your time slot. You can also bring your children along on your virtual tour of Paris, as many activities are specially designed for them. Also, check out the websites of the City of Science and Industry and the Museum of Natural History.

Your Hotel Eiffel Blomet remains open and welcomes you with pleasure. From the comfort of your room, you can now visit the most beautiful and fascinating places in Paris!



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