Did you think you knew everything about the work of the Franco-Spanish genius, Pablo Picasso? From September the Picasso Museum Paris and the Orsay Museum will show you that the prolific artist always has some new wonder to reveal to us. Book your tickets now for a pair of exhibitions that will undoubtedly be the sensations of the autumn.


A collaboration offering new insight into Picasso

For the first time, the Orsay and Picasso museums have combined their collections to create an exceptional exhibition, presented in the galleries of the Orsay Museum from September 18th, 2018 to January 6th, 2019. It offers a reinterpretation of the blue and rose periods of the artist, corresponding to the years 1900-1906. Thus, we see the artist in the cultural and creative environment of this time and its links to the recently ended 19th century.


Masterpieces by a master?

Often decried and criticised at the time of their creation, over time Picasso's paintings went from being considered controversial and challenging and came to be acknowledged as masterpieces. Around this very fluctuating concept of a masterpiece, the Picasso Museum has designed, with the help of various external loans, a journey of reflection on the works of the painter and the reception they received. The Museum's archives are showcased via numerous paintings and drawings to give a comprehensive overview of the aesthetic values ​​and artistic perceptions of Picasso's time. You must not miss this rich, informative and inspiring look at this lesser-known period of the artist’s production, a period that has never been covered in its entirety by a French museum.


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