Want to try an unusual activity? Fancy going skating with Paris at your feet before enjoying a crêpe, a hot chocolate or a glass of champagne? This year, for the fifth time, the Observatoire de la Tour Montparnasse invites you to enjoy its pop-up ice rink.


A rink with a view

Strap on your skates and set off on a 230 m² ice rink and experience the joys of gliding serenely along, feeling the adrenaline of pirouettes and narrowly avoided tumbles, and the pleasure of exertion in the winter chill. The pop-up ice rink of the Tour Montparnasse invites you to enjoy all this but with the fabulous bonus of an exceptional panorama of the whole of Paris. At 210 metres above sea level, you’ll be close to the top of the Eiffel Tower and can admire the capital’s various monuments. And as the rink is open until 20:00, you’ll also have an enchanting view of the lights of Paris as they wink on at dusk.


A unique atmosphere

The Tour Montparnasse ice rink even boasts a rooftop snack bar. While enjoying the breathtaking view, you can tuck into winter delicacies, savoury and sweet crêpes, mulled wine or hot chocolate, and more. And all with a clear conscience because the ice rink is entirely made of synthetic but environmentally friendly material. No wasted water or energy!


Book your tickets quickly for the Tour Montparnasse ice rink before your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet.


Photo : Vit Kovalcik

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