A twenty-minute walk from the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, an exciting new development is finally seeing the light of day: the Ateliers Gaîté. What will eventually become the foremost Montparnasse shopping and business centre is gradually opening. We focus today on the Food Society, the catering section of the Ateliers Gaîté.


The Food Society: what’s the concept?

Following the success of La Part Dieu in Lyon, the Food Society is setting up a new food court in Ateliers Gaîté, a few steps from Montparnasse. Some 3,500 m² of space is devoted to gastronomic indulgence, with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, an épicerie, a wine shop and more. All these ‘kiosks’ open onto a large, appealing and friendly central space. What’s more, a host of musical and artistic events are planned. 


The best and nothing but the best!

You’ll find it hard to choose... Will you opt for crunchy Breton galettes from Krügen or a decadent and resolutely gourmet burger from Blend, the Moroccan canteen by Yemma? Will you treat yourself to poultry dishes from around the world at the Mojo rotisserie, try the Osteria Ferrara and its transalpine specialities, or sandwiches from Favori? Add to that a coffee shop, a cocktail bar and a mystery restaurant that won't be revealed until the opening of the Food Society and you won't know where your taste buds will lead you!


At any time, the Food Society invites you to feast in a friendly atmosphere. There’s variety and quality to satisfy all your desires and your appetite, large or small!


More informations about the Food Society here

Photo: Jason Leung

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