Your Hotel Eiffel Blomet offers an unusual activity with considerable health benefits. A few kilometres from Paris, in the heart of the former vineyard of Louis XIV, you can do yoga, fitness and dance sessions under the direction of the sublime BlueBell Girls of the Lido. Read on as we tell you all about these two exceptional days!


A remarkable organic vineyard: the Bouche du Roi

Some 25 minutes from Paris and your Hotel Eiffel Blomet is a delightful place; the Bouche du Roi (King’s Mouth). Located on the plain of Versailles, at the end of the famous Château’s park, this estate revives the region’s wine-growing tradition, abandoned for nearly a century. Passionate winegrowers there have revived the old techniques while adapting their grape varieties and techniques to the needs of today. Beautifully balanced and exquisite wines are thus born.


A warm reception from the Lido BlueBell Girls

On July 10th and September 4th, your Hotel Eiffel Blomet offers you an original day out at La Bouche du Roi. In addition to the tasting of four estate wines accompanied by Signature bites, you will enjoy an unprecedented wellness experience with those famous dancers of the Lido, the BlueBell Girls. They’ll take you through a yoga and fitness session before teaching you some Lido choreography. Combine indulgence and physical activity in an exceptional setting.

Leave Paris for a day to discover a remarkable place: the Bouche du Roi. In addition to a fascinating visit and a wine tasting, you will encounter a Parisian legend: the world of the Lido.



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