Located in the studio formerly occupied by the French sculptor, Antoine Bourdelle, the Musée Bourdelle preserves the memory of Montparnasse in the first half of the 20th century, when the district was a place of creative ferment. A large portion of the artist's work is exhibited, both inside the museum and outside in the gardens. Don’t miss this charming and fascinating museum, less than a 20-minute walk from the Hotel Eiffel Blomet!


A new temporary exhibition

The museum reopened on March 15th with a major retrospective dedicated to the contemporary artist Philippe Cognée, the largest such exhibition in Paris to date. It is, of course, designed as a presentation of the creative richness of the artist's career, but also functions as a dialogue between Cognée’s creativity and that of Bourdelle.


The Catalogue de Bâle

Entitled Philippe Cognée: The Painting After, this exhibition centres around a monumental work, produced between 2013 and 2015: the Catalogue de Bâle. This immense installation deploys a long and intriguing journey consisting of pages taken from the Art Basel catalogues. The works represented are reinterpreted by Philippe Cognée, reflecting the process of inspiration and then the production of each artist. It thus constitutes a real basis for reflection on the importance of heritage in painting in general, hence the title.


A visit to the Musée Bourdelle is both an encounter with a sculptor but also with a place. Take advantage of your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet to see the astonishing retrospective devoted to Philippe Cognée.   


Musée Bourdelle

Photo: Andine


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