Night falls early, the air grows cold; it’s definitely the time of year to get warm and comfortable by an open fire. With that in mind, we have some very appealing places where you can drink and dine by the fireplace during your stay in Paris at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet. It’s yet another way to discover the real Paris!


Dinner by the fire in Paris

Authentic, designer, historic, casual; each address has its own character, but all have the pleasures of dining by the fire in common. Among the most amazing addresses, the team at your Hotel Eiffel Blomet would like to draw your attention to the Coupe-Chou, nestled in a large 17th century house where the huge stone fireplace has been preserved and is still adorned with the original occupant’s family coat of arms. Here you can enjoy 100% authentic French cuisine that will warm you as much as the crackling flames in the hearth. In contrast, opt for the eclecticism of the Cave de l'Insolite, a wine bar mixing popular, western and traditional influences...


Warm places

Just like a good fire, several addresses delight with their friendly and cosy atmosphere. A delicate blend of old stones and sleek contemporary design, the Atelier Maître Albert serves as a showcase for the famous chef Guy Savoy's cuisine. Or perhaps you may prefer the subtly quaint atmosphere of Quincampus, with its red velvet seating and original and very affordable dishes. Finally, if you love the ambiance of a country inn, check out Robert et Louise in the Marais, where the warmth and spontaneity glow like the logs burning in the fireplace.

Enjoy winter’s simple pleasures with these eateries selected by your Hotel Eiffel Blomet for dinner by the fire. And if you need more pampering, our spa and indoor pool await you...



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