A true symbol of Paris and known throughout the world, the Iron Lady is taking advantage of the current situation to get a makeover. She intends to be at her most beautiful for the Olympic Games that Paris will host in 2024. Your Hotel Eiffel Blomet team is following developments closely...


A rejuvenation for our neighbour

At the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, we have a particular attachment to the Eiffel Tower which, like a benevolent totem, watches over us. Just a few streets away from our establishment, it illuminates our nights and creates a landmark throughout the day. Like all cultural establishments open to the public, it had to close its doors during the various phases of the pandemic. The upside of this was that it offered the ideal opportunity to start the work planned for the coming years.


All dressed in gold

For the 20th time in more than 130 years of existence, the Eiffel Tower is to receive a fresh paint job. Adorned in red after its construction, it quickly faded to brown and then to brown ochre. It celebrated the transition to the 20th century with a luminous yellow that shaded into red and brown in the second half of the century. This time, brown and golden yellow tones have been chosen to celebrate the coming of the Olympic Games to Paris.

From the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, we are fortunate to be able to follow the work of the daring crews who are repainting the colossal monument on a daily basis. Come and admire their achievements during your next stay!



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