Every year, anticipation surges forth along with spring. As soon as the trees are green and the sun makes its warmth felt, enthusiasts see life in yellow and ochre, counting the days until the last week of May and the first of June. That’s the time for the sports event of the year; the French Open Tennis Championship at Roland Garros.

The unmissable French Open

Second in the calendar of Grand Slam tournaments, following the Australian Open, the French Open at Roland Garros is a very special stage of the circuit for both players and spectators. The clay courts make this a formidable battleground that is feared by some and adored by others, but which has given this tournament its reputation as the most difficult in the world. It allows unknown players to blaze their names in the firmament of tennis while some established stars fall to earth, their lights dimmed.


Your Roland Garros

The magic of the tournament also rises from the glamour and excitement of the Stade Roland Garros and its promenade where you can bump into a wandering celebrity, terraces where you can soak up the sun while sipping a drink, and its main courts where you can support your favourite players ... Why not enjoy a little shopping, too? Roland Garros is a temple of fashion, from panamas to polo shirts. Ensure you don’t miss out on this unique atmosphere and the event’s sporting challenges by booking your tickets on the tournament site. A few clicks and you can be there!

The Hotel Eiffel Blomet is only a few metro and RER stations from the Porte d'Auteuil, the prestigious part of the capital where the tournament takes place. It’s so easy to reach the competition venue and then, after all the excitement, return to your hotel to enjoy the Spa and your comfortable room.


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