Just a ten-minute metro ride from Hotel Eiffel Blomet, at the foot of the Montparnasse Tower, the Galeries Montparnasse have taken over the vast spaces left by the closure of the Galeries Lafayette. Blending entertainment and culture, the venue offers a new kind of exhibition that is both sophisticated and accessible to everyone. A place worth checking out!


A Venue and a Concept

Spread across 30,000 m² on three levels, the Galeries Montparnasse aim to be a space for both entertainment and culture. Since their opening at the end of 2023, they have set a high standard with an internationally acclaimed exhibition: "The Art of Brick." Masterpieces of painting and sculpture were reproduced using Lego bricks, creating an impressive and fascinating display.


A New Exhibition Dedicated to Tutankhamun

There's no doubt that Egypt is in vogue. Paris has hosted several events in recent years, such as "Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs." Starting from February 3, the Galeries will present "Tutankhamun: The Pharaonic Immersive Experience." Bringing together over a thousand authentic pieces and objects, intricately reproduced by the workshops of the Cairo Museum, the exhibition invites you to relive all the emotions of the discovery of the pharaoh's tomb in the form of a treasure hunt. Absolutely captivating.


The Galeries Montparnasse offer a new way to have fun while learning. For an outing full of surprises, check out their program during your stay at Hotel Eiffel Blomet.


Galeries Montparnasse

Photo: Pascale Gueret 


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