Illuminations, champagne, fireworks, fine dining, dancing; all the ingredients for a party are in place for a fun-filled New Year's Eve in Paris. Staying in the capital during the New Year period, you’ll have many ways to celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice and recommendations!


New Year's performances

In Paris, everyone has their New Year preferences. Some would not miss Radio France's New Year Concert in the big auditorium of the Maison de la Radio for anything. Others prefer the feathers, sequins, colour, music and spectacle of the cabarets. From the traditional French cancan offered by the Moulin Rouge to the more evocative choreographies of the Crazy Horse dancers, the city’s cabarets are glamour personified. Finally, the city’s theatres also mark the occasion; the Théâtre Mogador will offer a glass of champagne to all audience members attending its latest musical presentation, the sensation of the season, Chicago...


A more intimate New Year

You might want to prepare for the midnight fireworks display at the Place de l'Étoile with a more peaceful evening. Restaurants offer special menus for candlelit dinners in a romantic atmosphere, and the Vedettes de Paris will take you on a Seine cruise so you can admire the illuminations in comfort. Finally, the streets of Paris are perfect for an evening stroll. From the forecourt of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica to the Champs de Mars, through the streets of Belleville and along the banks of the Seine, the sights will be even more magical than usual.

Whether planned or spontaneous, we hope your New Year in Paris will be truly enchanting. Whatever your desires, our Hotel Eiffel Blomet team will be happy to help you make arrangements and offer some tips to ensure a night to remember!



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