The festive spirit pervades the streets of Paris, and the city is filled with the joys of shopping and illuminations. If you want to combine the magic of Christmas with a gesture of solidarity, your Hotel Eiffel Blomet team invites you to the heart of the 16th arrondissement, where you’ll find the Fééries d´Auteuil Christmas Market ...


Auteuil Apprentices' Christmas Market

The Fééries d´Auteuil Christmas Market, which will take place from December 4th to 12th, 2021 in the gardens of the Apprentis d´Auteuil Foundation, reflects the public interest organisation’s commitment. For nearly 100 years, this charitable foundation has been dedicated to helping young people and children in difficulty. Whether they are in danger within their own family or whether they are at odds with the education system, at the Apprentis d´Auteuil they find structure and access to quality education and training, allowing them to create a real future for themselves.


The magic of the Fééries d´Auteuil

Some of the profits from the Fééries d´Auteuil Christmas Market are used to finance the actions of the foundation. Thus, each object that you buy from the flea market, each gift that you purchase from the stalls of creators and artisans, each ride on the merry-go-round is also a gesture of solidarity. What’s more, you’re sure to enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere, the family entertainment and the many events and shows, as well as the visits from Santa Claus!

Discover a Christmas market that really makes sense. The Fééries d’Auteuil awaits you just across the Seine from your Hotel Eiffel Blomet!



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