The Hôtel Eiffel Blomet welcomes you in an Art Deco atmosphere that evokes the district's golden age and the Roaring Twenties. The paintings by Robert Delaunay that adorn the reception area recall the creativity and freedom of inspiration of these years of bubbling innovation. See them again at the new Petit Palais exhibition...


The changes of 1905-1925

From the Belle Epoque to the Roaring Twenties, via the dark days of the First World War, the first quarter of the 20th century proved to be an astonishingly fertile period. Closing a triptych of exhibitions devoted to the changes in Paris, "Paris de la modernité (1905-1925)" looks back at the city's worldwide artistic attraction during this period, the paths taken, the resistance and the flashes of brilliance that gave rise to so many masterpieces.


An incredibly rich exhibition

No fewer than 400 works are on show at the Petit Palais, tracing the careers of artists as diverse as Robert Delaunay and Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso and Paul Poiret, among many others. The exhibition also focuses on the places that counted, the exhibitions that changed the public's vision, and the advances linked to the War and external events. The Hôtel Eiffel Blomet also bears witness to this period when Montparnasse was at the heart of artistic life. 


Treat yourself to a stay at the Hôtel Eiffel Blomet, with its theme of the Roaring Twenties and art. Don't forget to book your tickets for the Petit Palais, so you don't lose a minute!


Photo : Francesca Emer

Hotel Eiffel Blomet, un hotel 4 étoiles au cœur de Paris 15ème