So you can celebrate Epiphany in a tasty way, we’ll tell you the best places to find unforgettable galettes des rois (king cakes) in Paris. Three great Parisian pâtissiers, three different trends, three wonders that melt deliciously on the tongue...


Classic king cakes; delicious and timeless

At Cakes d'Émotions, Philippe Conticini elevates frangipane to a work of art. The flavour of roasted almonds explodes in the mouth, complemented by the subtle addition of vanilla and rum. The pastry is made using only butter from Poitou-Charente that has an AOP certification. The sugar in the recipe has been intentionally reduced, but don’t worry as it’s lost none of its flavour.


King cakes with pistachios; original and audacious

At Dalloyau, Jérémy Del Val prefers a different flavour; that of Iranian green pistachios and those from Bronte in Italy, mixed in cream along with Buddha's hand fruit (fingered citron) from agrumes Bachès. A refined wonder that’s enhanced even further by the addition of 43% pure Madagascar milk chocolate chips. The caramelised puff pastry is an irresistible invitation to self-indulgent gourmet heaven.


The rose window with frangipane; artistic and emblematic

The prize, however, must go to Nina Métayer, who has created for The French Bastards a king cake in honour of Notre Dame Cathedral. Beneath biscuit that resembles a stained glass rose window lies a cinnamon-flavoured custard that will surprise and delight you. The almond cream is made from chopped and roasted whole almonds that crunch exquisitely in the mouth. A culinary and aesthetic marvel.



Hotel Eiffel Blomet, a 4-star hotel in the heart of Paris 15th