During your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, why not take the opportunity to discover the original architectural creations of the City of Light, specifically those that are part of the Art Nouveau movement? Here are some iconic buildings in Paris that reflect this delightfully decorative style dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Lavirotte Building

The 7th arrondissement has an architectural gem worthy of its prestige. Located on the Avenue Rapp, the Lavirotte Building is an Art Nouveau masterpiece created by the architect Jules Lavirotte. Its lavish facade is captivatingly beautiful. Its sinuous curves are exuberant and suggestive. This sensual style is also found on the main door of the building and is well worth a close look.


No. 3, Square Rapp

Still on the Avenue Rapp, don’t miss no. 3. Here again Jules Lavirotte worked his Art Nouveau wizardry, once described as ‘decadent baroque’. Each of his buildings has its own soul, but all are united in an exuberant play of curves and organic lines inspired by nature. They are monumental sculptures in freestone, ceramic tile and brick, all blending in glorious harmony.


Castel Beranger

Located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, the Castel Beranger was Hector Guimard's first major commission, started in 1895, when he was only 28 years old. The French architect designed the entrances to the Paris Metro as well as leaving his mark with this superb residential building whose balconies and ornate ironwork make it a perfect example of the Art Nouveau style.


An Art Nouveau building on the Rue d'Abbeville

At no.14 Rue d'Abbeville is a beautiful building constructed in 1901 by the architects Alexandre and Édouard Autant. Its remarkable exterior decoration was the work of the ceramicist Alexandre Bigot and is a testament to his talent. Leaves and creeping plants in dark green enamelled sandstone frame the windows from bottom to top, with chimeras enthroned on the fifth floor.



Crédit photo : © Fullphoto - Wikimedia Commons

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