On the Fête Nationale, celebrated on July 14th, the French capital is embraced in a festive, friendly and good-natured ambiance that adds to the city’s charm. Join in with the fun during your stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet!


The Eiffel Tower is at the heart of the festivities

The Champs de Mars, about a twenty-minute walk from the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, is the setting for two of the most popular Bastille Day events. At the beginning of the evening, you can attend the grand Radio-France concert. The Orchestre National de France, the Maîtrise and the Chœur de Radio-France accompany internationally renowned soloists in stirring performances of symphonic works. The end of the concert coincides with the start of a magnificent fireworks display fired from the Champs de Mars. Celebrate in the colours of the Fête Nationale!


Dancing through to July 14th

Uphold tradition by spending a joyous night at a Parisian fire station for the famous firemen's ball, a convivial and celebratory experience for all ages. Please note that some of these balls take place on the evening of July 13th. Do you prefer electronic music? You’ll be delighted by the Hippodrome Paris Longchamp Garden Party! This is the trendy place to be on July 14th!


During your summer stay at the Hotel Eiffel Blomet, immerse yourself in the joyful and relaxed atmosphere of Paris on the French Fête Nationale. With a military parade, fireworks, concerts, and balls, all the ingredients are in place for a perfect day.


Photo: Thomas

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