We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the Eiffel Blomet Hotel on Thursday, June 15th. The festivities will start at 7.30 pm with a cocktail party to mark the hotel’s official opening. We look forward to seeing you there!


An opening that celebrates the Art Deco era

Built in 1931, the building is representative of the Art Deco movement that flourished in the Roaring Twenties. While we wished to modernise the building and the services we offer, we also wanted to preserve the spirit of refinement, elegance and creativity that was born in the inter-war years. Now a testament to contemporary luxury, our designers managed to retain the exceptional size that was a feature of rooms from the era and unique layouts and precise geometric lines ensure a warm and intimate atmosphere despite the large dimensions.  Colours ranging from soft pastels to more vivid touches enhance the impression of grandeur and serenity.


The beginning of a new adventure

It is with great pleasure and, we must confess, a certain amount of pride, that we present our rooms to you - furniture designed to recall the 1920s, Pierre Frey carpets, cosy lounges and terraces that open onto Paris. The jewel in the hotel’s crown is our pool, hammam and sauna. Nestled under an inner courtyard where glass ceiling panels diffuse soft light, it’s a dream space where luxury and relaxation reign.

We’re also delighted to be able to tell you a little about the hotel’s history, and of the streets surrounding it. Once, the area echoed to the voluptuous notes and rhythms of the “Bal Nègre". The famous venue was opened in 1924 by Jean Rézard des Wouves, a deputy candidate from the West Indies, who made it his campaign headquarters before presenting the famous cabaret where stars like Maurice Chevalier and Joséphine Baker would perform.  It was frequented by such luminaries as Joan Miro, Robert Desnos, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso and many other representatives of the creative effervescence of the era that had taken root in Montparnasse.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exclusive place at the crossroads of two eras.